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Buffet restaurant recommendations [Apr. 25th, 2014|04:09 am]
Melbourne Maniacs

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Greetings, oh maniacs.

I seek a restaurant/cafe that does a good buffet and would be available to be hired out for a Saturday lunch. It must be able to do gluten-free, dairy free and vegan, as well as coping with carnivores. Price range in the cheap-to-reasonable range (up to about $30 a head?).

What I'm seeking from you, oh wise ones, is any reviews of such places as you've been to for something like that (including pub buffets and things), on the north side (Brunswick/coburg/carlton/fitzroy/etc or not too far off) or something not too far on the south side. (Alfred park would be good, Edithvale would be pushing it).

It's often so hard to tell from the online reviews - sometimes people deliberately go out and trash their rivals.
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Books Glorious Books: Moving Away Edition [Apr. 13th, 2014|01:50 pm]
Melbourne Maniacs

$5 each unless otherwise marked.

Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read GoodCollapse )

Also listed some other things on Gumtree and Photobucket.
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Suburb rep gossip [Apr. 12th, 2014|10:32 am]
Melbourne Maniacs

So I want to move further out. I'm in a convenient location (Moonee Ponds) but I hate my real estate, the house is falling apart and it's expensive. Also I want some yard 'space'.

Queue looking at places in Broadmeadows and the nearby areas - does anyone have yay or nays about certain suburbs? I know footscray is out (friends live there who keep getting their mail stolen) but I was looking at places in Broadmeadows and they look nice? Newer houses would be nice, near a train line but not too far out.

IDK much about Melbourne suburbs. I'd do Brunswick/Essendon if I could but they cost so much :X
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For sale [Apr. 5th, 2014|05:55 pm]
Melbourne Maniacs

Its sad that livejournal has gone down in popularity, especially this little community BUT

A room for rent in Richmond http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/richmond/flatshare-houseshare/stumble-home-from-the-corner-hotel-richmond-room-for-rent/1042980069

and I am selling some Melissa Vivienne Westwood shoes



and two fishtanks

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Energy Drink Drinkers [Mar. 24th, 2014|09:46 pm]
Melbourne Maniacs

Hi, any energy drink drinkers here? I have an online shopping business that includes energy drinks and I'd love some customers from Melbourne. Easy to order online, but I do need to register you personally! If you'd like to try some delicious flavours of energy drink (unlike some other brands...) that don't have all the rubbish in them, please reply and I'll hook you up. Delivery is $8 no matter how much is in your order, and it's delivered in about 3 days.
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I love our city. Sometimes I'm not so fond of the people in it. [Mar. 10th, 2014|09:10 am]
Melbourne Maniacs

Saturday was a nightmare for me and my guide dog.


TL:DR - my guide dog was covered in fresh ink from tagging, my knee was dislocated after stepping in front of a kid hurling a basketball at my guide dog's head and taxis refused to pick us up. Twice.

The taxi discrimination is something I'm used to - it's frustrating but sadly expected.

The fact my guide dog could have had his brains scrambled because a kid thought it would be hilarious to try hurt him... that really upsets me.

Please share. Please speak up if you see stuff like this happening. It's not OK.
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Which broadband provider do you use? [Feb. 12th, 2014|02:50 am]
Melbourne Maniacs

[Tags|, ]


My friends have been recommending me to opt for Vividwireless or TPG's broadband. My main concern is the overall total price as I only need the broadband for 9 months thus I'll most likely have to pay exit fees or opt for month-to-month plans which will be more costly.

TPG's broadband plan seems pretty alright. I'll most probably go for the unlimited plan as I am sharing it with my friend. However, after some googling, I noted that there are some reviews where people mentioned not go for the TPG's modem and to purchase my own? I am concern that the recommended modem may hinder obtaining fastest internet speeds...

Would you suggest/recommend me to get my own modem if I opt for TPG's broadband? If so, what modem model?
Or do you have any other broadband providers that are cheaper/more reliable?

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to these tech stuff....

Thank you in advance! I appreciate it.
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Gossip [Feb. 7th, 2014|08:47 am]
Melbourne Maniacs


Curiosity has been eating at me all week. Does anyone know why there have been so many policemen at the corner of Nicholson st and Alexandra parade? Even more today...

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Who wants tickets to see Alan Davies at Hamer Hall? [Feb. 6th, 2014|10:49 pm]
Melbourne Maniacs

Hi everyone, I'm advertising these here first since I've had success selling tickets on here before (not scalping, though I was here for those amazing debates back in the day, good times).

I made a tiny mistake in booking tickets to Alan Davies and bought tickets for the wrong day. This mistake has now been rectified (by buying more tickets for a different day), but in the mean time I have 2 tickets for his comedy show entitled Little Victories on Saturday 15th March at 8pm available for sale. Pretty good seats: Seating in the circle at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Row F.

Who wants them? I'm selling the two together for $150 since that's exactly what I paid for them. And I will post them via registered post to your address for free!

If you're interested in these, please comment below with your email and we'll discuss payment etc! :)
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Sale post! [Jan. 29th, 2014|03:21 pm]
Melbourne Maniacs

You can't take it with you. Literally.Collapse )
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