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Not Trying to Spam ... Just Sharing! [Jul. 31st, 2015|12:05 am]
Melbourne Maniacs


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I don't even know how many people will see this. LiveJournal doesn't seem to be very active these days! But I wanted to network a bit and see if I could share some info with you about a wonderful opportunity coming to Australia and New Zealand! My name is Tabetha, and none of the links I've posted here are specific to me in any way - I'm not trying to sell anything! I'm just trying to spread the word about Jamberry.

Perhaps you have heard of Jamberry? It is a company in the United States (we also service Canada), but we are launching Internationally, starting with Australia and New Zealand.

Here is the Australia/New Zealand Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamberry-Australia-New-Zealand/838169926274931?fref=ts
Australia website: http://jamberrynails.com.au/
US website: http://www.jamberry.com/

About Jamberry:
Jamberry nail wraps make it easy to express your own signature style. With over 300+ unique designs, you’re sure to keep it fresh and stylish—all with a professional salon look without the cost or hassle.

About the Jamberry Opportunity
By becoming a Jamberry Consultant, you will have the unique opportunity to be an independent business owner while representing an internationally loved product. As a partner with Jamberry, you will have the opportunity to grow your business all while being rewarded through our rich compensation plan.

*IF* this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please let me know. We can start a discussion here, or you can contact me privately. I am a consultant in the United States and want to follow my company's lead and branch off into an entirely untapped market - Australia and New Zealand! I have a network of team members that are all ready and willing to help you build your business. I'm sure it sounds unbelievable, but 95% of us work our business strictly through the internet (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Just imagine being one of THE FIRST people to join in Australia and the amazing rewards you could see! Take a look at the official website, REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE, and let's talk! I don't benefit from anything you do here today, but I would LOVE to be your sponsor and mentor you! (The official launch date is October 1, so you have plenty of time to think about it - no pressure!)

[User Picture]From: foxenchantment
2016-07-24 05:37 pm (UTC)


I'm a consultant too!!!

I was just doing a quick search on LiveJournal and wanted to ask how it is going? I only joined about a month ago. My sponsor is my Best Friend, but she has only been a consultant a month longer than me.
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