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More Stuff For Sale [Dec. 31st, 2014|04:36 pm]
Melbourne Maniacs


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Have a few more stuff for sale, but stuff that are still available:

1) JVC micro hi-fi player 2 speakers (radio, CD & Cassette player) $10 (display light & manual volume control not working, works fine via remote)
2) IKEA "Storm" floor lamp (shape of a bottle) $25
3) Small (but tall) Billy Bookshelf $35 (white) (this is a 2nd one)
4) White IKEA Table - LINNMON/ADILS $20 (some normal wear & tear scruff marks, but perfectly serviceable)

Items located in North Carlton (though I no longer live there), and you'll have to arrange to have it/them pick up with a trailer/van for the larger items.

PM me for pics/further details or email at bottlefeed at gmail.com