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JMC academy [Oct. 3rd, 2009|08:57 am]
Melbourne Maniacs


Hello Maniacs :)

Has anyone studied at the JMC Academy?? A friend of mine is looking at studying there [Music & Entertainment Business Management] and we'd love to hear what it's actually like. It seems expensive but I'm not sure if there is a cheaper option [or a better option?]

Also how does one apply to be a tertiary student these days if you are over 21?? The website was throwing terms like UAI and ENTER at us. Neither of us did high school in Victoria and my friend didn't complete Year 12 but she is over 21 and has been working either full or part time since leaving. Someone told me that there is another way to apply once you are over 21 but failed to explain how. Do you sit a test or is it just based on prior learning??

Help please!!

[Yes I have googled ... apparently UAI = Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence and ENTER was coming up about the Enter Key]

[User Picture]From: vikusias
2009-10-03 06:15 am (UTC)
It is the worst. Do not ever go there.

My boyfriend went there for a year, ended up wasting ~$20,000 because they suddenly decided to change the course structure completely which would've forced him to shell out for another year of tuition, have his existing credits mean nothing and the final degree somehow become a Diploma of Music Somethingorother III as opposed to the Bachelor of Arts (Musicthings) they promised.

The teachers are shit, you end up learning with complete idiots who are like 'HURF DURF I'M GONNA B THE NEXT MARIAH CAREY~' and the content is fucking ridiculous. Save your money and go to a proper music college. JMC is for hacks and naive students coming straight out of year twelve.
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[User Picture]From: sparkleoflife
2009-10-03 06:36 am (UTC)
I nearly died when I saw their tution fees!
Thanks so much for this though. I will definately pass it on.
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[User Picture]From: mordant
2009-10-03 07:33 am (UTC)

VU has a good Music Business degree, but it's at their Sunbury campus - if you really wanna study in the field though, it's worth the 2 hr commute.
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[User Picture]From: recalcitrant
2009-10-04 07:40 am (UTC)
why didn't he make a formal complaint with the victorian registry that handles RTOs like JMC?
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[User Picture]From: vikusias
2009-10-04 12:36 pm (UTC)
Same reason why nobody else does - you don't realise that you can, or how to do it, until it's too late.
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[User Picture]From: buriramtourakom
2009-10-03 06:25 am (UTC)
No experience with the institution, but some dim voice at the back of my head says if you're over 21 you may be required to sit the STAT test? Your bible should be the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre.
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[User Picture]From: sparkleoflife
2009-10-03 06:34 am (UTC)
Ooh ... thank you muchly :) I'll check it out now
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[User Picture]From: buriramtourakom
2009-10-03 06:49 am (UTC)
No worries! Good luck.
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[User Picture]From: buriramtourakom
2009-10-03 06:49 am (UTC)
Just realised STAT test is tautological. Apologies to the internet at large for my untreated RAS syndrome.
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From: mikestuchbery
2009-10-03 07:13 am (UTC)
JMC is only slightly better than the sleazy international 'schools', but only just.
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[User Picture]From: ally
2009-10-03 08:06 am (UTC)
I did the 1st year of Music Business and Entertainment Management course at their Sydney campus back in '04. Even though it was fun and I met lots of interesting people and learnt a lot of interesting facts, it certainly isn't the kind of course that is going to help you get work in that kind of area. It's more a 'who you know' than a 'what you know' industry. I decided wasting ~$15,000 of my poor dad's money was more than enough. I think most of the people in my class left after the first year, too.

So, basically I'm agreeing with everyone else above. And also, I didn't need a UAI to get in (which is the university admissions index, which NSW students receive if they wish after completing year 12), even though I have one.
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[User Picture]From: boodilly
2009-10-03 08:38 am (UTC)
Chiming in with pretty much the same sentiments. My friend did 1 year of the course before realising it was not doing anything to make her employable in the field. She accepted her losses and left.
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[User Picture]From: york_st
2009-10-03 09:15 am (UTC)
It's nickname in the industry is 'just making cash'

it's unfortunatley not what but you know... I have a honours degree in this stuff and it's completely useless!!
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[User Picture]From: andricongirl
2009-10-03 05:24 pm (UTC)
im pretty sure you can study general event management stuff, business management at TAFE colleges (I think Swinburne offer it) which may be another option to look into
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[User Picture]From: trvllngjwllr
2009-10-04 01:18 am (UTC)
I studied Music Business at TAFE in Sydney and one of our teachers also taught at JMC. He told us that the exact same modules/subjects were taught in both institutions, TAFE being Government subsidised was stupidly cheaper yet we were learning the exact same material, so he even told us we were better off!

Also as mentioned earlier, the music industry is definitely more about "who you know" rather than "what you know". I would definitely advise studying a course to get a basic understanding of the machinations of the industry, but the TAFE or VU courses would be more than adequate. What you really need to do is get an internship or do work experience for a music based company (in the field that interests you) and work your way up from there.

And on a final note, as somebody who has been (and kinda still is) involved in the music business, you better be doing it for the LOVE of it, coz the pay is next to nothing and the perks aren't always worth it!
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[User Picture]From: rockcriedout
2009-10-04 02:59 am (UTC)
is your friend an international student? why not just apply for the music/business degree at RMIT and defer the fees under HECS-HELP?

if you need some advice about how things work, you can email me at rockcriedout at hotmail dot com. I help students with questions like this for a living, I'd be happy to clarify anything you're unsure of.

there is a useful website you can also refer to: http:www.goingtouni.gov.au
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[User Picture]From: drbunsen
2009-10-06 01:22 am (UTC)
JMC has a ~really~ bad rep in the music industry and their qualifications don't count for shit. If you really want to learn what they teach, check out Collingwood TAFE (NMIT), or if you don't mind relocating to sunny northern NSW for three years, the BA in Music at Southern Cross University in Lismore. They share a common curriculum with NMIT, so my understanding is you can do a year or two here and then transfer to SCU to complete the BA. But check that.
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From: rock_star_0
2009-10-07 10:58 pm (UTC)
Guys!!! I go to JMC, and I’m doing the Business Course and it's awesome.
@ vicusius, I don’t know what year your bf went to JMC but, all the teachers have soo much experience because they're all working out there where we want to be. I'm in my second year and it's been all really good so far, I'm definitely going to finish my bachelor, but it’s not for lazy F’s.

I agree with g_woman82, it’s definitely important who you know, but also what you know , and all of the teachers are still relevant in the industry, so that’s reason why I’m staying in the course because real industry professionals are teaching at JMC. Do you know how many of my mates have actually gotten real jobs now through what they’ve learn here even before leaving?
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From: wilson_89
2009-10-08 07:09 am (UTC)

No complaints

I am a second year student at JMC Melbourne. I couldn't disagree more with the negatives comments made about JMC. I love the course, the teachers are great and the facilities are fantastic. I just got back from The Australasian Music Business Conference in Sydney and ran into numerous people with highly regarded opinions of JMC Academy, and these people are people working in the Music Industry.

In regards to 'it's not what you know but who you know', many students in my class have gained work experience and part time jobs through contacts at JMC. They are smart people who work really hard to achieve results. You are only going to get out of it what you put in with the courses at JMC.

The teachers have many years experience in the industry compared to TAFE and other institutions providing the same courses.

Tuition fee's are taken care of by FEE HELP which is similar to HEX FEES. The courses are worth the money if you are motivated to succeed...you choose your attitude!
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From: george112
2009-10-09 12:53 am (UTC)

JMC Academy

Hi, George from JMC Academy here,

I’ve been reading with interest the comments posted on this thread and thought it appropriate to respond.

Most of the comments seem to be about course fees, quality of our courses and tutors, entry standards and whether our courses help graduates find work in the creative industries.

Let’s start with fees.

We are a private college and our course fees are in line with those charged by other private colleges that offer similar courses.

Private colleges will always be more expensive than public institutions as they are funded and subsidised by taxpayers. JMC doesn’t receive any government funding, however for those who qualify, we do offer FEE-HELP.

So what about our courses and tutors?

We’ve been around since 1982 (in Sydney, initially) and around 10,000 students have graduated in that time. We were the first private college in Australia to be accredited in the fields of Audio Engineering, Digital Television and Digital Multimedia.

In 2007, our courses became available at a Diploma, Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree level and students now need a UAI or ENTER score to be admitted. Like many other institutions, including Universities, we offer alternate entry based on interview and portfolio allowing those who have not completed High School or achieved the right score an opportunity to undertake Higher Education in a field they are passionate about.

Regarding the comment by vikusias, students did not have to pay extra due to course changes. There were some changes in 2007 to the course structure, but students were given the option to complete, at no extra charge, either the new course or the one they originally enrolled in.

As an organisation we work with some of the leading recording studios and digital production companies in each capital city. We employ current and experienced industry professionals, so our students are learning from some of the best in the business.

At JMC we aim to develop graduates who are both market competitive and commercially astute.

All our courses teach business management so that our students are equipped to earn a reliable living. Employment in the creative industries is not like any other career; work is generally project-based, so we show people how to be adaptable and to market themselves.

But as one person said on this thread – landing a job takes more than a qualification. Employers are also looking for personality, character, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and positive approach.

Finally, to anyone wanting to undertake any type of study, my advice is that you need to investigate all your options and get accurate information. Try to physically visit the institutions, ask the important questions and get a feel for the organisation. JMC may not be for you and we’re okay with that. This is an important decision in your life and you need to make sure it’s the right one for you.

Good luck to everyone.
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